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How To Find A Cannabis Dispensary In Washington DC

dc dispensary

Cannabis dispensaries are becoming more and more popular across the country. Now the question is, where can you find a trustworthy dispensary near you? This blog post will discuss what cannabis dispensaries are and how they work. You'll also learn about the different types of cannabis available at these shops. Once we've discussed all that, we'll show you where to find the best DC dispensary!

What are DC Dispensaries?

Cannabis dispensaries are storefronts where you can purchase various types of cannabis products. The products available at dispensaries vary depending on the state, but they often include flower, edibles, concentrates, and topicals.

In Washington DC, there are no recreational dispensaries, only medical. This means that you cannot get recreational weed from them and will need to meet a lot of requirements to purchase your cannabis..

For example, regular dispensaries won't ask you for a medical marijuana card, but a medical dispensary will.

Differences between Dispensaries and Initiative 71 Shops

There are a few key differences between Initiative 71 shops and dispensaries. The most obvious is that dispensaries require a medical cannabis card, while I71 shops do not.

Asides from this, dispensaries are required to follow strict rules regarding the types of products they sell. For example, dispensaries can only carry one ounce of flower at a time. Initiative 71 shops do not face any such restrictions on their inventory.

Lastly, DC dispensaries are allowed to sell marijuana, unlike initiative 71 compliant shops who are only allowed to gift. This is because they follow a completely different set of rules.

How to Get Weed from Dispensaries In DC

Gow to get weed from dispensaries in DC

If you want to visit a dispensary in Washington DC, then you'll need a medical marijuana card. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as going online and ordering one like it is in some states. Below we discuss the process of getting one in DC.

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card

The first step here would be getting your doctor on board with prescribing cannabis for whatever ailment(s) the cannabis will help treat.

When they approve, proceed by visiting the Department of Health. Here, you'll fill out an application which will be reviewed by staff members to make sure everything is filled in correctly and all necessary documents are included (i.e., proof that your doctor approved medical cannabis for your treatment).

After this has been taken care of, there's nothing left but waiting! It usually takes between three weeks to one month before receiving a card from DC dispensaries - though some may take longer if they feel more information or documentation needs to be gathered. When you receive your card via US mail, it should come with instructions on how to register at specific dispensaries around Washington DC.

Note: A medical marijuana card costs around $100

Easier Alternatives to Get Free Cannabis Gifts

Get free weed gifts in DC

Asides from medical dispensaries, you can get weed gifts from Initiative 71 compliant shops. These are slightly easier to get because the requirements aren't as strict, and you don't need a medical cannabis card or doctor's approval for use.

However, there is one thing you should note when visiting I71 compliant shops. Like dc dispensaries, you'll also need a valid form of ID [ A driver's license will do] in order to enter any cannabis-focused business that doesn't sell weed. This is because these businesses must record everyone who enters their shop - including their age and where they're coming from!

Visit Flight Pass DC

If you're looking for a reliable weed shop in DC, visit Flight Pass DC. We are an Initiative 71 compliant shop that gifts premium quality recreational marijuana. Here is a verified Google review from one of our customers

How to Get Free Weed Gifts From Flight Pass DC

Below, we've listed the steps needed to get free weed gifts from our weed shop:

1. Check Out our Online Menu or Visit Our Storefront.

You may choose to order from our website or come to our location to purchase cannabis. We recommend ordering on our site since this will save you the trouble of waiting in any line that may be present in-store.

2. Purchase a special item like a Flight Pass Postcard or Toy Airplane.

In order to receive your free marijuana presents, you must first make a purchase from our online menu, such as a postcard or toy airplane.

3. Choose Free Pre Rolls, Edibles, Flowers, & More.

When you buy any of the items listed above, you will be asked to pick a marijuana gift [Pre-rolls, edibles, or flower are all available options].

4. Present Your 21+ State Issued ID & Pay Cash.

When your purchase is complete, come to our store and skip the line to pick up your order at the cash register. Remember, you must be 21 or older with a State-Issued ID (Cash Only).

Looking to get free premium weed in Washington DC? Check out Flight Pass' Online Gift Menu and visit our store on U Street. Call one of our Flight Pass Attendants at (202) 821-5362 for any questions you may have regarding our weed gifting process.

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