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Is Marijuana Legal in DC? Washington DC Weed Laws

Dc weed laws

DC weed laws are both progressive and restrictive, making for a confusing situation when it comes to the recreational use of cannabis. The District legalized recreational marijuana back in November 2014 through Initiative 71, but that didn't mean users were free to light up anywhere they pleased.

Washington DC's decriminalization law meant pot was legal only if you had an ounce or less on your person or at home- no more than two ounces-, not enough to roll about ten joints!

This provision also made smoking outside difficult, particularly because there are public housing complexes where most people do not have private residences where they could legally do so. Now let's take a closer look at what you can and cannot do when it comes to weed in the District.

So, is weed really legal in DC?

So is marijuana legal in DC? Technically, yes- but many requirements come with it.

While you can get DC medical marijuana and DC recreational weed without breaking any laws, residents don't have the option of purchasing pot with money like they would in another state or city where it's legal to buy cannabis (i.e., Colorado or California).

As we mentioned earlier, Initiative 71 removed criminal penalties associated with the possession and personal use of cannabis- so if you're caught smoking a joint in a private residence or carrying some dank nugs, you won't be arrested.

What Is Initiative 71?

Initiative 71 is a measure that DC voters passed in 2014. The initiative legalized the possession and personal use of weed for adults 21 years or older. It also allows residents to grow up to six plants inside their homes without being prosecuted by law enforcement, as long as they're not selling it. In addition to legalizing marijuana dc, Initiative 71 also decriminalized the possession of weed in dc.

What does this mean for Washington DC? Basically, Initiative 71 allows residents in DC to possess and use marijuana without fear of being arrested or fined. However, it does not allow residents to purchase marijuana from dispensaries or sell weed dc. So how do you get weed in DC if buying and selling it is illegal? We will get to this later on in this article.

Can you smoke in public in Washington DC?

Public smoking is still a big no-no in Washington DC, even if weed is technically legal there. This means that while you can smoke weed at home, you can't do so in public places- and this includes public housing complexes.

Since the vast majority of residents in DC live in public housing, it's difficult to find a place where you can legally smoke marijuana without fear of being fined or arrested.

How to Buy Top Quality Weed in DC

You can get weed in DC via a medical dispensary or a government-approved smoke store. These stores usually require you to present some form of ID before they can give you weed.

Look for a DC Medical Dispensary

A legal way to get weed in DC is by becoming a registered patient with the DC Medical Marijuana Program. This program allows patients to purchase up to two ounces of marijuana per month from authorized dispensaries.

To become a registered patient, you must be diagnosed with one of the following conditions: cancer, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, or any other condition that causes muscle spasms. Asides from this, you will also need a medical marijuana card.

How to Get Free Weed Gifts in DC

get free weed gifts in DC

Now that you know a little more about Washington DC weed laws, let's discuss how to get your hands on some free cannabis gifts. Yes, you can actually get weed gifts in DC! All you have to do is find an I-71 compliant smoke shop. These stores can give cannabis to you as a gift, and they do this legally.

Where to Find an I71 Compliant Shop

An initiative 71 compliant shop is an establishment that sells marijuana DC products to residents in compliance with the law. These shops typically have a sign posted in their window or on their door letting customers know that they're compliant with Initiative 71.

How to Order Free Weed Gifts from Flight Pass DC

How to order free weed gifts

Locating an i71 shop may be difficult since numerous DC weed stores advertise that they are I-71 compliant [Even the illegal ones]. Fortunately, Flight Pass DC is here to provide all of your marijuana needs! We are a cannabis store that complies with the laws and is dedicated to providing high-quality cannabis.

1. Check out our Online Menu or Visit Our Storefront

You can order marijuana from our site or come visit our store! We recommend ordering online since you will be able to avoid any line that may exist in-store

2. Purchase a special item like a Flight Pass Postcard or Toy Airplane

If you visit our online menu, you will need to purchase an item, e.g., a postcard or toy airplane, in order to receive your free weed gifts.

3. Choose Free Pre Rolls, Edibles, Flowers, & More

You will be prompted to select a weed gift once you've completed your purchase. You have the option of selecting a present. Pre-rolls, edibles, or flower are available as choices.

4. Present Your 21+ State Issued ID & Pay Cash.

When your purchase is ready to be picked up, visit our store, skip the line, and collect your order at the cash register. You must be 21 years old or older with a valid state-issued ID (cash only).

Here are some 5-star Google reviews from our customers;

"Just met Reef and RJ on my first visit to Flight Pass. I'm from out of town and they made me feel super welcome. I look forward to coming back and I'll recommend the shop to anyone I know who comes to DC."

Looking to get free premium weed in Washington DC? Check out Flight Pass' Online Gift Menu and visit our store on U Street. Call one of our Flight Pass Attendants at (202) 821-5362 for any questions you may have regarding our weed gifting process.

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