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Complete Guide to Edible Gummies [Cannabis 101]

edible gummies

Marijuana edibles are becoming more and more popular in the cannabis market. And it's no wonder why! Marijuana edibles are a fun, delicious, and easy way to consume cannabis. But with so many different types of edibles on the market, it can be hard to know where to start.

One of the most popular types of edibles is gummies. Edible gummies are easy to make at home and are a great way to control your dosage. Plus, they're just so darn delicious!

In this complete guide to edible gummies, we'll cover everything you need to know about cannabis gummies. From how to make them at home to the different types of THC and CBD gummies on the market, this guide has everything you need to know about marijuana gummies. So let's get started!

What Are Marijuana Gummies?

what are marijuana gummies

Marijuana gummies are a type of cannabis edible made by infusing gummy candies with THC or CBD. These gummies are often used to treat pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Marijuana gummies are also popular among people who want to experience the benefits of cannabis without smoking it. Some of the most common forms of edible gummies are gummy bears, gummy O’s, gummy worms, and much more. The most popular brands of edible gummies include Stoner Patch, Baribo, Trolli, and more.

THC and CBD are the two main active ingredients in cannabis. THC is the compound that gets users high, while CBD does not have psychoactive effects. Marijuana gummies can be made with either THC or CBD, or both.

Unlike what most people think, edible gummies do not harm the respiratory system. Many people believe that smoking is the only way to consume cannabis, but that is not true. In fact, edibles are a great alternative for people who want to avoid smoking, and they are available in a large variety.

Why Is Marijuana Gummies So Popular?

This is so popular because it is a tasty and easy way to consume cannabis. Gummies are also very discreet, which makes them perfect for people who want to consume cannabis in public without being noticed.

Here are some of the reasons why marijuana gummies are so popular:

  • Tasty Flavors

Marijuana gummies have a wide variety of flavors, making them more appealing than other cannabis products. The tasty flavors and chewy nature of gummies make them a popular choice among cannabis users.

  • Portable

They are easy to carry around and consume discreetly. You can take them wherever you go without drawing attention to yourself.

  • No Lingering Aroma

Marijuana gummies do not have a lingering aroma, which is why they are popular among cannabis users.

Speaking of weed smell, check out our article on how to hide the smell of weed.

How To Make Cannabis Gummies

Now that we know what marijuana gummies are and why they are so popular let's talk about how to make them. Marijuana gummies can be made with either THC or CBD, or both. The process of making edible gummies is similar to making regular gummies, with a few extra steps.

If you want to make cannabis gummies, you will need the following:


  • ½ cup cannabis-infused coconut oil

First, you will need half a cup of cannabis-infused coconut oil. You can make this by decarboxylating cannabis and infusing it into coconut oil.

  • ½ cup cold water

Next, you will need half a cup of cold water.

  • 85-gram packet of flavored gelatine (this is the standard size small box of Jell-o)

Then, you will need an 85-gram packet of flavored gelatine. You can use any flavor of gelatine you like.

  • Two tablespoons of unflavored gelatine

You will also need two tablespoons of unflavored gelatine.

  • ½ teaspoon sunflower or soy lecithin

Lastly, you will need half a teaspoon of sunflower or soy lecithin. Lecithin helps the THC or CBD bind to the gummy bear candy so that each gummy bear contains an equal amount of cannabis.


First, decarboxylate your cannabis. To do this, preheat your oven to 245 degrees Fahrenheit and spread your cannabis on a baking sheet. Bake the cannabis for about 40 minutes, stirring it every ten minutes. This will activate the THC or CBD in cannabis so that it can be infused into the gummies.

Next, infuse the cannabis into the coconut oil. Put the cannabis and coconut oil in a Crockpot on low heat for six hours. Stir the mixture occasionally. After six hours, strain the mixture using a cheesecloth or coffee filter to remove the plant material from the oil.

Now that you have your cannabis-infused oil, you are ready to make your gummies. Mix the flavored gelatine and unflavored gelatine with the cold water in a medium saucepan. Stir until the gelatines have dissolved.

Add the cannabis-infused coconut oil and lecithin to the gelatine mixture and stir until combined. Pour the mixture into a silicone gummy bear mold and refrigerate for about an hour or until the gummies are firm.

Gummy Edibles Price

One of the best things about marijuana gummies are that they are very affordable. It costs between $15-$20 for 100mgs. You can also find marijuana gummies that are 200mgs for $30. The price will depend on the strength and quality of the gummies.

How Long Do Edible Gummies Take To Kick In?

how long do edible gummies take to kick in

Cannabis edible gummies take longer to kick in than joints or pipes because they have to be absorbed in the digestive tract before the effect starts.

It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours for the gummies to take effect. So it is important to start with a low dose and see how you feel before consuming more.

If, for any reason, you take a lot of cannabis gummies, here’s a helpful guide on how to sober up from weed quickly.

How Long Does The Effect Last?

The effect of cannabis gummies can last between 6 to 8 hours, and THC in the gummies can stay in your system for up to 24 hours. So it is important to be careful when consuming gummies, especially if you are new to them.


Marijuana gummies are a popular cannabis edible that can be made at home. They are affordable and easy to make, and they offer a long-lasting high. Be sure to start with a low dose if you are new to consuming edibles. Marijuana gummies can last up to 24 hours in your system, so it is important to be aware of how they affect you before consuming more. Thanks for reading! We hope this guide was helpful.

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