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How to Get Weed In DC [Washington DC Marijuana Laws]

washington dc marijuana

Hassle-free Washington DC marijuana is often described as one of the hardest things to find in the capital. And this is because of various sets of laws hell-bent on regulating the distribution of weed in DC.

When they were first established, it was literally impossible to get weed in the district without getting in some form of trouble. However, these laws have been around for a while, and DC residents have gotten used to them and even found ways to bypass them.

This article will fill you in on all you need to know about Washington DC's marijuana laws and policies, how weed was legalized, and where to get premium quality weed in the DMV area.

Is Weed Legal in DC?

Yes, weed became legal in DC back in 2014. This came after voters in DC voted for Initiative 71 to legalize the possession of cannabis in the district. We will talk more about this later in this article.

Possessing marijuana in Washington DC is not against the law, but you are advised to follow the rules and regulations to prevent run-ins with the law.

Differences Between Recreational and Medical Marijuana

differences between recreational and medical marijuana

DC has two classifications of marijuana; recreational and medical use. Medical marijuana is different from recreational marijuana in the sense that it can be bought with money and a medical card. Recreational marijuana cannot be bought, only gifted and does NOT need a medical card.

Another significant difference is that medical marijuana can be gotten from licensed dispensaries, while free recreational marijuana gifts can only be gotten from Initiative 71 Shops across DC.

Are There Dispensaries in DC?

Yes, there are dispensaries in DC. But these dispensaries come with a weird twist. Unlike other dispensaries elsewhere in the US, Washington DC dispensaries are strictly medical. This means that they do not sell recreational weed but rather sell medical cannabis to people with illnesses treatable with marijuana.

If you want to get weed from a medical dispensary, specific requirements must be followed. Firstly, the medical weed must have been prescribed for your condition. It is a necessary step in preventing weed from being misused. A medical marijuana card is also required to purchase from DC dispensaries. However, there is still an easier way to get free recreational weed gifts from Initiative 71 Shops – we’ll explain further below.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana

You will need to meet specific requirements before getting medical marijuana. As stated earlier, medically prescribed marijuana is only sold by dispensaries across DC to individuals with illnesses treatable with medical marijuana.

Asides from this, you will need a medical marijuana card. This card helps medical dispensaries verify if you need medical marijuana. Presently, patients from all 33 states with medical marijuana programs can obtain their medicine from one of Washington DC's seven medical marijuana dispensaries.

What is Initiative 71?

what is initiative 71

Initiative 71 is a voter-approved bill (64.87% of voters) that legalized the handling and possession of recreational cannabis across the capital on the 4th of November 2014. This bill went into full effect on the 26th of February 2015.

Ever since then, cannabis lovers across the district have been allowed to freely possess weed as long as they abide by the rules. Here are some of these rules.

  • You should be 21 years or older to possess weed in Washington DC.

  • You cannot buy or sell weed in DC; you can only gift weed or receive weed as a gift in the capital.

  • Operating a vehicle while high will get you fined or arrested. And it's also classified as a DUI charge.

  • Individuals of age can possess up to two ounces of marijuana and grow up to three mature marijuana plants in their homes.

  • Smoking cannabis on government property is prohibited, and you can get in a lot of trouble with the law if caught doing so.

  • Smoking in public places is also not allowed. You can only smoke in your home or on private property.

  • Individuals are allowed to transfer up to one ounce of marijuana plants to another person.

How to Get Recreational Weed in DC

how to get recreational weed in dc

1.Visit An Initiative 71 Shop

Initiative 71 compliant shops are smoke or head shops that offer cannabis products to their customers as a gift for purchasing an item from their store. However, some shady smoke shops tend to violate the I71 provisions by selling cannabis for cash. To avoid these types of smoke shops, always keep an eye out for price tags on weed. A good I71 shop will comply with DC weed laws, offer free high-quality cannabis gifts, and have great reviews from its customers.

2. Pop Up Events

Weed pop-up events are social gatherings where weed lovers, weed entrepreneurs meet to trade, exhibit and sell their cannabis items. Sometimes, these events are properly organized to meet the state-specified standards. However, more often than not, these weed pop-up events fail to comply with Initiative 71 provisions, and the government has set up measures to clamp them down. It is a lot safer to visit trusted I71 Shops instead of attending local pop up events.

Visit DC's #1 Smokeshop

Finding premium weed gifts in Washington DC should be hassle-free, that is, if you know how to spot an Initiative 71 shop. If you are still looking for the perfect smoke shop, try Flight Pass, DC's number one smoke shop.

Flight Pass

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